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Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

  • - Siam Servo Co. Ltd. is a platform as a medium for Cleaning and Maintenance service where "Customer" and "Service Provider" are connected. We have the responsibility to make the service delivered between the two parties which are defined by the following process; (1) Customer submit inquiry into the system (2) System sends the job information to the Service Provider (3) Service Provider chooses to accept the inquiry (4) Customer paid for the service (5) Service provider deliver a service to customer.
  • - Safety is our top priority. We run criminal record background check and store all crucial information for security purpose as our policy against all misconduct. On the other hand, Customer shall put forth safety concern for each Service Provider and will abide Thailand's Act of Parliament. Siam Servo Co. Ltd. is not part of any misconduct between its parties.
  • - In case of Pending Provider status of your inquiry, you may contact us at or Line @siamservo (1)Refund in case that you've already paid for the service at the full amount. (2)Reschedule the service so the Service Provider can choose to accept your inquiry.
  • - In case of Delayed or Absence of the Service Provider, Customer can contact the Service Provider directly with the provided contact information stated in the Inquiry or contact Siam Servo team to coordinate further. However, punctuality is our uncontrollable factor which is upon each Service Provider act, Siam Servo Co. Ltd. can only moderate the quality of the Service Provider with our policy.
  • - The Company reserves the right to change these terms, prices, packages, and conditions at any time without prior notice. Please contact Siam Servo Co. Ltd. for any matter need clarification before proceeding.
  • *According to Commission of an Offence relating to Computer Act B.E. 2550(2007) Section 14, whoever commits the following offenses shall be liable to imprisonment or to a fine or both; entering false/offensive/obscene data into computer system.
  • The law enforced on this platform is the Law of Thailand, where all users are agreed and abide by using the platform.